The story so far

For the last 3 years the adventuring party ‘The Oncoming Storm name still pending’ have been together making a name for themselves. After signing up to the Adventurers Guild, they have had many successful quests. One such quest pushed them into the spotlight and turned them into reputable adventurers.

Sent into a old abandoned temple to document anything they find and discover any of its secrets. They found themselves in a race against time, to find the treasure and escape the caving ruins.

The treasure they found were some ancient relics that were only preserved due to powerful magic. Though probably powerful in the years of their creation, they were only a shadow of their former power. Still strong artifacts, they helped catapult ‘The Oncoming Storm name still pending’ into fame.

Now the adventuring guild has asked them with the largest operation the guild has ever made. With about a thousand other adventurers, they have been tasked to take back the abandoned city of Arigbyr back from the gnoll tribes that now occupy it.

The story so far

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